WE OFFER STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR BUILDING ENVELOPE including reviewing and stamping shop drawings, providing calculation packages, consultation, in-progress site visits as well as compliance letters at completion.
  • Railings/Guards

    WE OFFER STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR GUARD DESIGN Reviews include structural adequacy of aluminum and other members, anchors (inclusing epoxy anchors), brackets, glass and infill panels, pickets, fastening within the system, etc.

  • Windows & Window Wall

    WE OFFER STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR WINDOWS & WINDOW WALL  Reviews include structural adequacy of window mullions, strap anchors and other connections, including fastening into concrete, steel and wood structures, as well as glazing and other system components. Various types of glass are assessed, such as tempered, heat strengthened, spandrel panels, etc.

  • Curtain-Wall

    WE OFFER STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR CURTAIN-WALL Reviews include structural adequacy of curtain-wall mullions, anchorage, brackets, welding to steel structures, bolts, fastening within the system, glass and various components that make up the curtain-wall system. A variety of curtain-wall types can be reviewed, including structurally glazed systems and sealant analysis.

  • Glass Structures & Glazing

    WE OFFER STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR VARIOUS GLASS STRUCTURES AND GLAZING. Reviews include, but are not limited to, glass fin supports, canopy glazing, spider fittings, sealant analysis, storefronts, and their connections to various structures.

  • Metal Panels & Cladding

    WE OFFER STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR ARCHITECTURAL METAL PANELS AND CLADDING Reviews include panel thickness, support members and spacing, we well fastening to the building structure.




  • When it comes to design and validation of all new projects, I have dealt with Ronza for many years, and she has always shown a high level of engineering talent, and capability in adding more value to all projects she reviews. Her flexibility and high understanding of aluminum façade engineering gives us a lot of trust in our designs and great success in our business.

    Rafik Mohareb, R&D Manager, State Window Corporation
  • I’ve worked with Ronza Haddad for over 3 years now, she has been very helpful with her knowledge of Window, Railing and Curtainwall systems. She is extremely professional, hardworking, passionate and trustworthy. There would be no hesitation in recommend her company to all in need of a structural engineer.

    Jenny Cassar, Senior Project Manager, Matrex Window System
  • I had the pleasure to have worked with Ronza as a colleague during her employment with EXP Services Inc. and later during the development of the new CSA Standard A 500 “Building Guards” when we were both part of the CSA Technical Committee that wrote the Standard. When it comes to building guards, Ronza is very knowledgeable, experienced and efficient and most of all she is pleasant to work with!

    Petr Vegh, Ph.D., P.Eng., LEED AP, Division Manager and Head of Structural Group, exp services inc.